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A Center For Wellness and Light is devoted to heightening the vibration of all beings through Ritual Services, Metaphysical Teachings, and Personal Healing Sessions. We are dedicated to the study and offering of Ancient Mystery School traditions, teachings and healing methods. The Center provides classes and personalized healing sessions by trained and initiated Teachers and Oracles within the Ancient Mystery School Tradition, Ceremonial Masters in the North American Tradition, Ritual Masters in the lineage of King Solomon the Great, and Guide members of the Hierarchy of Light. The Mystery Schools have an ancient lineage with authorized Centers around the world where special seminars are held and Mystery School teachings are handed down. The Mystery School teachings are not one of the new-age phenomenon and are proudly NOT connected or affiliated in any way with the New Age/Modern Mystery School, but are deeply rooted in the old art of metaphysics. We, at A Center For Wellness and Light, have the authority and lineage to do specific Light Work in service to humanity. The work of A Center For Wellness and Light is under the direct guidance of the Hierarchy of Light and is here entirely for servicing humanity under the ancient decree of the Mystery Schools--"KNOW THYSELF!"


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