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Shamanic Healing Modalities

This is a series of sessions, each working on different aspects of you, connecting you ultimately with the God within. Shamans and Holy People from all tribes of Light studied healing together for over 25 years. Together, they combined many Eastern rituals with Hebraic teachings to form these powerful healing modalities. These rituals have been passed down through Mystery Schools via the oral tradition from one Healer to another to another. These ancient, most powerful healing modality works on a different aspect of the whole. DNA Activation and Cord Cuttings are included with every session. This is a very Sacred and Holy time for the client to receive - a very special gift!

The Shamanic Healing Modalities work to heal the separation that has occurred between the physical body, the soul body and spirit in humans. These modalities are very sacred and powerful. They sanctify us and bring us more fully into the presence of God - each one in a slightly different way, each working with and building upon the others.

Imagine how happy and easier life would be if all of our affairs flowed smoothly. Things that once bothered us no longer do. The troubles of life are simply something to be dealt with, and the right choices are easy. We are mentally strong and emotionally secure. We are with Self-confidence and Self-assurance and alive with purpose and direction in our life.

These Sacred Modality changes the lives of those who receive them. Most experience feeling unburdened, a lightness, and a strong sense of well-being--free from mental and emotional entanglements and being enmeshed in the trivia of daily affairs. Most experience greater happiness, joy, self- confidence, self-assurance, feel mentally and emotionally strong, as well as a greater connection to the Spiritual and the Divine.

The Shamanic Healing Modalities brings about profound spiritual evolution and personal transformation unlike anything you have experienced before. It has changed the lives of thousands of people. It is powerful and capable of accomplishing in 10 sessions what takes years to achieve with other types of healing modalities, therapies, counseling, or light work.

By re-establishing the natural flow of Universal Energy and the instinctive intelligence through your being your natural energy systems are vitalized and stabilized allowing healing and transformation to occur. With this we return to our natural state and True Self.

Benefits include:

• Promotes higher awareness

• Promotes self-confidence & inner strength

• Greater clarity of life

• Accelerated spiritual & personal evolution

• Greater awareness of Life Purpose

• Greater awareness of Soul Purpose

• Greater connection to the spiritual and the Divine

• Mental clarity & stability

• Emotional clarity and stability

• Greater happiness & joy

• Greater peace of mind

• Heighten energy & vitality

• Expanded capabilities to flow more energy

• Realign your natural energy systems

• Allows TRUE healing to occur

• Alignment with the Self, Higher-Self, Soul & Spirit

• Dissolve away burdens and negativity from life

Shamanic Healing Modality - Physical Region

The Shamanic Healing Modality is based on the simple principle that our imbalances and life obstacles are of a spiritual nature. Therefore they must be approached in a spiritual way. These imbalances continue to haunt us because we do not have enough energy to clear or release them in their spiritual aspect. The only way to do this is to gradually build up spiritual energy. This spiritual energy then supports the natural process as the instinctive intelligence of one s spiritual nature takes over and naturally clears and restores itself to its original true self.

As Humans we operate on three levels at all times: the physical, the soul and the spirit. Each operating to its own set of rules - each interconnected. Most of us are only aware of the physical body and seek ways to meet its needs. Yet, nearly 70-80% or more of our energy is used just to get through the day! This leaves little energy left to meet the needs of our soul and spirit.

To meet these needs we focus on healing the soul body and spirit body. Life's events are also experienced in the soul body and the spirit body. The inhibited expression of these incidents harms our soul and spirit bodies, impeding their ability to flow Universal Energies. This experience we call feelings , feelings of negative emotions, negative thoughts, stress, anxiety, low vitality, unhealthy situations and relationships and much more. Over time the unexpressed negative feelings build-up and create energetic residue. As we experience life we gradually damage and impair our soul and spirit bodies ability to flow Universal Life Force Energy as we once did. Old trapped energies from life's experiences hold memories in the energetic residue. This energetic residue creates blocks of trapped or "stuck" energies that we live in and carry around with us. This result creates problems in our lives as we continually repeat the patterns of negativity trapped within the memories of energetic residue we've created. We recreate, re-live and there-by add to those negative patterns on an almost daily basis in what almost seems like a never-ending struggle to release or cleanse these patterns from our lives - modern science does not yet understand this process!

By meeting the needs of the soul body and the spirit body we rapidly heal and progress in all areas of our life. True healing occurs when the damaged energy systems of the soul body and the spirit body are energized and aligned they naturally draw upon enough Universal Energies to finally heal themselves of accumulated energetic residue. With enough energy flowing to its proper conclusion, flowing as we once did, as originally intended, we reclaim our True Self and inherent sense of purpose.

The Physical Healing Modality consists of 10 sessions each developed especially to create a comprehensive healing of the Soul and Spirit. Each session begins by energetically opening the Soul and Spirit Bodies to receive the healing. Then a sacred cleansing is performed to heighten the overall energy and state of awareness. Next 54 different Universal Energies of the soul and spirit bodies are measured to chart your progress as you move through each of the 10 sessions of the modality. Then a specific group of energy systems is energized, balanced, aligned and healed. (Each session targets a different grouping of energy system of the soul and spirit body.)   

After this your natural ability to flow Universal Energies will soon recover. As this happens the instinctive intelligence of Universal Energies and your soul and spirit bodies soon come together, to heal energetic residue in much the same way your physical body KNOWS how to heal itself. After this some light grounding work is done to integrate these energies with the physical body. Then all negative emotional attachments are cleared. Last an attunement of high frequency light and your ability to draw upon it is made stronger.

The Physical Region of the Shamanic Healing Series is specifically structured for all humans who are ready to embrace the full light of their spiritual essence. The 22-Strand DNA Activation originated from this series. If you have already experienced the DNA Activation you know how beneficial this work is. And, each of the ten sessions in this series is equally powerful and transformative. These modalities are for those who are ready to fully clear, awaken, and activate all aspects of their total being - physical, emotional, mental, auric, etheric, soul, and spirit. It is an alchemical, life- enhancing process of transformation. I honor your decision and commitment to give yourself this sacred gift of healing and light!

Each healing session is a unique ceremony! Each session includes a sacred washing, anointing, energetic evaluation, special prayers and invocation and prepares the client to receive high levels of spiritual light and healing. Also included at the end of most sessions is a 22-Strand DNA Activation tune-up and a cord cutting, which further assists integration of the new level of energy established during the ceremony. Each session lasts from 1 to 1.5 hours, cost $150 each, and occurs at one- to two-week intervals. It is critical that the client commits to finishing the entire series. Each session creates a powerful shift, and through the completion of this series, the whole being is brought in to balance.

Starseed Healing - There are many positive vibrations surrounding the human body that are lost on a daily basis. The Starseed Healing reorganizes these energies by correcting the body's vibrational state. This distinctive Galactic Healing utilizes crystals, chimes, and a tuning fork to cleanse and harmonize the body's energetic system, balancing the vibration and the frequency within and without of the human. Starseed Healing clears mind clutter, adjusts and balances the chakras and auric layers of energy, connects you Galactically with all living things. This is an awakening of the multi-dimensional self, infusing tones and sound into the body to heal and modify the harmonic frequencies. It brings one to a state of transcendent peace.

Unified Chakra Awakening - The Unified Chakra Awakening activates a chakra system of 2,418 points! Part of the original Divine Blueprint, these additional chakras have always been a part of humans as pure potential. This newly awakened chakra system connects in with the DNA and the collective consciousness of humans, as well as the Christ consciousness. It unifies and binds all the energies of the lightbody with the physical body, providing one with a deeper connection to their spiritual essence, increasing spiritual awareness, brings about a peaceful state of mind, addresses apathy and low energy, awakens your soul and nervous system, increases dramatically the amount of light you can physically hold in your body, and activates and connects you to your Galactic Self.

The Tree of Life Healing - The Tree of Life is the blueprint God uses to manifest all of creation. The ten spheres in the Tree of Life, representing ten different aspects of God (like wisdom, understanding, mercy, severity, beauty) are awakened, activated, illuminated, balanced, and healed using a Tibetan bell. Activating this structure within your body allows you to access the ten archetypal aspects of human existence, increasing your ability to manifest dreams, gifts, goals, and understanding of life.

The Seal of Solomon Healing - Reported to be King Solomon's favorite modality, this healing technique uses sacred stones, healing symbols, the 12 Rays, and the extremely potent energy of the Seal of Solomon to align, balance, and recreate the body in accordance with the seven directions and the original Divine Blueprint. The Seal of Solomon is the blueprint for the construction of the DNA. By opening the seals within the aura, this modality heals the imbalance between the soul and the physical body, bringing a profound sense of peace.

Tone Healing - This ceremony opens, heals, and harmonizes the chakra system, the energy centers of the body, with each other and with the Universal vibration of Life. Using tones of the highest vibration (five of the 72 sacred names of God), the chakras are filled with harmony and light, allowing one to fully embrace the experience of a spiritual being that exists in a physical body.

Aura Healing - As a result of energy from traumatic experiences, the aura can have black spots, which diminish or block the flow of light. If left unresolved these areas can cause tears or holes in the aura, that allow vital energy to escape and unwanted foreign energies to enter, causing physical and mental weakness, depression and low life force. In this session, the aura is scanned, and these areas are filled with light and healed. This opens the seven gates of the soul to clear past traumas, freeing one from emotional reaction. As a result, one experiences the ultimate balance of all things, renewed vitality of and for life, and deeper intuition.

Purification By Light Healing - As we go about daily life in today s society, it is very easy to pick up foreign energies of a low vibration. These energies cause emotional pain and disconnection, as well as a lowered ability to function. In this healing, the seven principles of life are awakened to bless and seal the sacred self. You are purified in waves of Divine Light as these negative energies are removed from your field and transformed into light. You are left feeling that a weight has been released - happier, lighter, and more at peace.

Etheric Body Healing - In this healing all seven bodies, representing each stage of physical development from infancy to the soul, are addressed, healed, and aligned. Powerful energies are invoked to work with the highest good through the power of sacred spoken words and mantras. Reclaim and energize the true essence of your spiritual nature, purity, exploration, life force, mental processes, inner strength, vitality, awareness, and ability to contact energy dimensions.

Mental Body Healing - This pure healing modality uses thirteen sacred aromatic oils to awaken the brain, clear the mind, enhance corresponding brain regions, increase brain function, release negativity, and bring peace of mind. Improve the seven senses by opening your touch, taste, sight, sound, smell, identity, and personality with this beautiful ceremony. Clears concepts like guilt and shame, which are the last obstacles to light keeping you from complete joy, abundance, and enlightenment.

Shamanic Healing Modality - Mind Region

The Mind Region of the Shamanic Healing Modality is an ancient healing from which our present-day psychology is rooted. It is one of the first Universal healing methods created by King Solomon and the many Healers and Holy People over 3,000 years ago. This ancient, very powerful and loving healing works with all aspects of your life to clear blocks and traumas. The effects of clearing these emotional and spiritual blocks and traumas are that one is truly free to live fully conscious here in the physical. Client s who have completed this series have noticed:

• "I feel a sense of just being done with my own resistance."

• "I feel as though I have found Heaven, here (touched heart),

   on Earth."

• "I feel that I can now do things, and all that has been kept me

   from my abilities has somehow been lifted."

• "I am now living a life that I have always hoped to live."

The Mind Region is the method that Carl Jung drew psychology from. Many systems have been developed from this method, and none are complete. Some of the methods that have developed from the Mind Region Healing include NLP, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. All of these methods take threads from this complete system.

The Mind Region helps to eliminate mind clutter, opening us up to more self-consciousness. We all experience external influences, physical and spiritual, which influence our mind. How much of what we choose is actually free agency? Why do we fall into the same patterns, even when we recognize the negative effects of our choices? All things are created in the mind first, so how do we create that which we desire if we cannot identify and eliminate mind clutter?

The Mind Region Healing eliminates the external influences that clutter our mind, as well as the internal influences that affect our ability to choose consciously. It brings the remembrance of birth, initiation, the shamanic teachings, language, and Light back to us--in our modern world. By eliminating our shadows, our mind clutter, we can truly create from free agency. Ultimately, we are then free to choose, loosing our desire for instant gratification. We become free from our emotional attachment to the shell of our experience and are able to know our own Divinity, here in on Earth.

• "I have lost my overwhelming, painful, extreme, intense driving


• "I have zero social anxiety. I do not even feel nervous in social

   situations any longer."

• "I am more ambitious, with the physical and the mental energy

   to act on it." 

The Mind Region Healing is an ancient method that allows us to adapt most fully to modern times. The effects of this method are happiness, peace, stability, focus, concentration, finding purpose, improved memory and healing of phobias - people live ALIVE in life! The Mind Region Healing has revolutionized the work of such greats as Erik Sati and Pablo Picasso, both with early work that was boring and later, amazing - revolutionized by receiving this healing.

• "I now use my resources more effectively and naturally."

• "I am now taking better care of myself, inside and out."

• "I am more focused on what really matters to me and what I

   desire to achieve. Also, I see things from a positive

   perspective instead of from a fearful place." 

The Mind Region of the Shamanic Healing Modality is now offered, to the general public. We are thrilled to be offering this beautiful work and hope you will make the most of this opportunity to Know Thyself!

The Mind Region Healing is completed in a series of 10+ sessions. Sessions cost $225, last 1.5-3.0 hours, and are scheduled every 2-5 weeks. It is imperative that the entire series is completed for this work to be complete and permanent. In cases of extreme trauma, it may be necessary to repeat some of the sessions, lengthening the healing time. All trauma that is released and healing that is done is permanent! The affects of this work can be felt/sensed with a new level of awareness, which most clients find difficult to put into words. The first session is a consultation, to help the client understand the commitment to complete this work, to answer any questions, and to reveal further benefits of this work.

• "My mind is in balance with my heart."

• "I feel a sense of peace anchored into my core."

• "My 'being' has become more important than my 'knowing' or


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