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Services and Private Healing Sessions

Emotional Cord Cutting. This gift severs all negative emotional cords that have ever been formed during a lifetime. These cords form links between you and other people (no, not on pets) and are present whether we know it consciously or not. Even if a person is not in your life, you may still flow energy to them or from them. These cords can interfere with your clarity, strength, and energy. Cord Cutting frees up your energy to be flown directly to you, for your own highest use. Cord cuttings help release the emotional charge we have around people or situations and allow us to continue to deal with life’s necessities, but from a less charged/emotional place, allowing for greater freedom in all aspects of your life. Cord Cuttings can easily be combined with other work and benefit those whom you are cutting your cords with also! Cost: $75. 

Emotional/Psychological Healing Series. We have put together a special package of 6-sessions that are very specifically designed to bring people through any type of physical, emotional or psychological issues. We have successfully treated many bad habits such as addictions, smoking, food cravings, all sort of compulsive, dysfunctional behaviors. We have also offer psychological and emotional balancing for such things as anxiety, depression, PTSD, hopelessness, mood swings, PMS, anger, or any other emotional imbalance. Things like stress, worry, emotional outbursts, fatigue--we have seen them all! Physical conditions too, we have successfully addressed problems like sleep disorders, headaches, concentration problems, tension, computer strain, and other physical pain and overuse syndromes. This series is completed in one month and is customized for each individual. There are 6-hands-on sessions, 2 cord cuttings, and a DNA/Life Activation included as well as any other work within our scope of practice and training that may benefit you in this series. Appointments are scheduled 2-each of the first two weeks, and 1-appointment each of the following two weeks. Get ready to move beyond your limitations and into your Divine Purpose. Appointments last 1.5 hours. Cost: $650 for the series.

Shamanic Healing Modality - Physical Region. This is a series of 10 weekly sessions, each working on different aspects of you, connecting you ultimately with the God within. King Solomon studied healing in Tibet for over 25 years with 300,000 Medicine Men from every Tribe of Light. He combined many Eastern rituals with Hebraic teachings to form this powerful healing modality. These rituals have been passed down through Mystery Schools via the oral tradition from one Ritual Master to another to another. This ancient, most powerful healing modality works on different aspects of the whole and works to heal the separation that has occurred between the physical body, the soul body and the spirit in humans. These methods are universal, very sacred and very powerful. They sanctify us and bring us more fully into the presence of God, each in a slightly different way, as each session builds on the next. Each session is combined with a DNA-Activation and a Cord Cutting. This is a sacred and holy time for the client to receive—a very special gift. Cost: $150/session. Please see 'Shamanic Healing' page on this site for more info.

Shamanic Healing Modality - Mind Region. The Mind Region of the Shamanic Healing Modality is an ancient healing from which our present-day psychology is rooted. This method was the first “rebirthing” created by Shamanic healers over 3,000 years ago. This very powerful ancient healing works with all aspects of your life to clear blocks and traumas. This method works to heal emotional, physical and spiritual trauma! The results are an increase in consciousness-an increase that empowers the receiver to reach not only their potential, but their own Genius! The series consists of 10 sessions, spread out with 2-5 weeks in between each. Each session lasts approximately 2-hours and each costs $225. Please see 'Shamanic Healing' page on this site for more info.

Etheric Surgery and Etheric Healing Sessions. Physical pain and emotional issues can be cleared from the etheric layer of the body using a laser wand and other methods. Here, the practitioner identifies and locates energy structures that are blocking a person's progression, be it negative thoughts, emotions, etc. and remove these structures from the client's matrix, thereby releasing this from their consciousness. The effects of this work are immediate and profound. This work is very powerful and the effects are far-reaching. Etheric Healing can be done in person and remotely. After receiving remote work, it is recommended to do at least one in-person session for the most noticeable and permanent changes.

     The Etheric field is formed from the Will of God, the Will of the Universe and the Will of Man. Man’s Will has built limitations into our Etheric field preventing us from manifesting our Godhood. Our Divine birthright is to live radiant lives exuding health, joy and abundance of blessings in all aspects of our life.

     Etheric Surgery and Etheric Healing remove unneeded, residual energy structures, reduces the burden of emotional and mental issues, dissolves core issues blocks and breaks karmic cycles (individual, family and global community.) Etheric Surgery and Etheric Healing clear trans-temporal traumas and is a powerful way to clear trauma we come in to this world with and would otherwise be unable to clear in this life.

     Some of the benefits of Etheric Surgery and Etheric Healing include: freedom from old patterns, expansion of consciousness, decreases core issue blockages, removal of negative energies and relief of emotional pressure. Etheric Surgery and Etheric Healing reduce or eliminate the known and unknown heavy burdens of the past that we have dragged forward with us. By removing blocks, Etheric Surgery and Etheric Healing allow Light and positive energy to flow into our Being and the space around us. We experience life in the present with Divine support. Etheric Surgery and Etheric Healing easily blend with other work. Cost: $250/hr--1-hour max/session done in person and remotely. 

Purpose of Life Readings. Cindy channels the Office of Archangel Gorah, through the Angel Ramiel and can channel your Guardian Angel directly. Questions regarding one's life purpose, your path and lifetime limits are addressed energetically and in the reading. This reading includes Etheric Healing done remotely at the time of the reading. These are tremendously empowering readings that help shift one into purpose, no longer clinging to the limits of the past and anchor in a more conscious connection with one's Higher Self. Sessions are done on the phone by appointment and prepaid only. Cost: $150/45-minute phone session. Once paid, Cindy will contact you to schedule your appointment and speak with you to recommend questions to prepare in order to get the most from this reading and Etheric Healing session.

Channeled Readings. Questions about any area or areas of life are prepared by the client. When the session is scheduled, let Cindy know the areas your questions are in and she will channel the appropriate Angel, Archangel, Ascended Master, Planetary Master, or Elemental Master, or a combination thereof, to best help you with your questions. These readings are very empowering--way beyond the fortune telling done by most readers. You may ask about anything! Cindy can guide you with your questions when you set up the appointment. Sessions are scheduled in advance and done on the phone or in person. Each lasts up to 1-hour. Cost: $200. 

Guardian Angel Reading. Cindy calculates from your date, time, and location of birth who your Guardian Angel is! She does other research to introduce you to your Heart Angel, your Soul Angel, your Angel of Intellect, and your Life Path Archangel. She then channels messages from each. This is prepared before your reading and the information, including descriptions of each of the Angels, is emailed to you. During your reading you will connect with each Angel and may ask questions to learn how to work with each. These readings are really fun and tremendously empowering. These sessions are best done on the phone but can be done in person, though they require being scheduled in advance so the calculations, channeled messages, and typed information may be prepared prior to the reading--with additional channeled information the day of the reading. 

Archangel Gorah Healing. This a method used to bring back the separation that exists and is created at the physical birth between the Higher Self and Lower Self. The Higher Self is the true vibrational state of the self, the individuality, the corrected aspect of Oneness. Corrected in the way that it is individuated and stabilized. It is the most stable form of the spirit as it enters in to physicality. It is a connection point to all that exists beyond this Microcosm--through the True Self. The Archangel Gorah Healing is a method to be done with hands on, with visualization, with toning, a lot of vibration. This method can be combined with other work for a 1.0-1.5 hour session. Cost: $150. 

Ancestral Lineage/Energy Clearing. This is highly individualized work that is done after personal consultation only. This work is recommended for anyone. Work at this level takes weeks and a team to be effective. Sessions are done in person and remotely with follow-up work usually required at some point. Cost is on a per case basis and includes all costs incurred by the team including travel. Cost starts at $15,000 for the initial 6-8 weeks of work. Please contact Cindy for a consultation.

   Basic clearing sessions can be arranged as well. Please contact Cindy to discuss this. Sessions can be done remotely and are extremely effective. These sessions are done over a week's time and require a minimum of 10-12 hours. This work has been very successful for people or families with histories of adoption, loss, abuse, addictions, mental illness, etc. The exchange is $1500-$2500. 

Galactic Ray Healing. The Galactic Ray Healing Method channels the Galactic Energies and the Rays of the Ensof from the Central Sun. Ensof is the highest form of Divinity that exists. It is uncreated and unmanifested. These rays literally are the first "created" in the Galactic world we exist as a part of. These rays are useful in every kind of manifestation, initiation, empowerment, and healing. To be in touch with these Galactic Rays is to be in touch with your own Christ Consciousness, based on the awareness of the qualities of compassion and empathy--or forgiveness. This healing method is a resetting and the anchoring of these rays has the energy of purity and clarity. This is a beautiful method that anchors 12 Rays of Ensof for you to take into the world and into your future creations. This work blends with other work and each session is blend of whatever is needed to clear before the anchoring. Sessions last 1.0-1.5 hours. Cost: $150. 

Exorcism Healing/House Clearing/Blessing. Entities not of the Light are sent back to the Light. These can be around people or in homes/on land. Trained and initiated Ritual Masters bring the healing Love of the Light to work with such entities. All beings are in the progression of Light and RMs are trained to work with all levels of Light. RMs are trained to see and understand where beings are in the progression of Light, and to assist them to progress to their next highest place in the Light. Cost: $250/hr in office for person, or on-site clearing and blessing of home, office, or land with a 2-hour out of office minimum. Some of this work can also be scheduled remotely. 

Wedding Ceremonies. Enjoy a customized, sacred service prepared with Bride and Groom and performed at your location. All wedding ceremonies include clearing work for the bride and groom prior to the ceremony as well as clearing of the ceremony space. Additional work for the wedding party can also be arranged. $300-400/local service, wedding party work additional. 

Isis Healing Modality. This is another method that dates back to the time of King Salomon. This service was reserved for High Priests, Priestesses and their servants. This modality is used to empower an individual to do Light Work. It helps to clear blockages and to bring in the direct Source in its purest form. The results are more clarity, stability, and balance as we enter the world as if reborn. This is a very powerful Modality and can be combined with other work. Cost: $150.  

Unified Chakra Awakening. After receiving the Adam Kadmon, the Unified Chakra Awakening opens and activates all 2418 chakras in the new Light Body system. These correlate with the 231 gates of the Sefer Yetzirah and help to connect the physical body with the spirit body. This is one of the King Salomon Healing Modality sessions, one that can be done outside of the entire sequence to help the Light Body in today’s accelerated place of Light, opening gates to the soul. A session includes any other work that will support this healing. Cost: $150.   

Starseed Healing. This modality empowers you with the Light and the Love of God by re-awakening the memory of the God within. This modality is quite relaxing and extremely powerful, offering powerful support for those transitioning to the Light Body. The other modality taken separately from the King Salomon Healing Modality, this healing balances the frequency and the vibration within the Light Body, allowing for gentler, easier, more balanced of flow of the Light into the physical. The Light comes in as frequency and is bound in to the physical with sound. The Starseed Healing works with both and a session includes any other work that will support this healing. Cost: $150. 

CranioSacral Therapy. This is a gentle, hands-on method of detecting and correcting restrictions within the craniosacral system. The CS system consists of the bones and membranes that make up the head, face and sacrum and the brain and spinal cord. The membranes that surround and protect these are gently worked to help return the body to its natural state or to help maintain the body in its highest place. The body’s own self-correcting mechanism is accessed to permanently clear up acute to long standing injuries, pain or emotional blocks. This work is very relaxing and combines nicely with other healing work. Great work for infants and children too! Cost: $150/adults, $75/infants, and $100/children 12 and over.   

Therapeutic Massage. Cindy is an LMT, with over 2,000 hours of massage training. She obtained her Bachelor of Applied Science majoring in Massage and Manual Therapies in 1999. She practices injury rehabilitation and clinical massage, and is also specialty-trained as a Manual Medicine Technician. A therapeutic blend is used to address the current conditions of each client. Cindy is medically trained and has worked with clients with numerous injuries and conditions. We accept Flex Spending Accounts for Therapeutic Massage, CranioSacral and Myofascial Release Sessions and can work with physician referrals. Documentation can be provided for private insurance reimbursement. It doesn’t HAVE to hurt! Cost: $150/hr cash price-when available.    

Jikiden Reiki. Reiki is an energy healing practice which originated in Japan. Practitioners use the life-force energy or "ki" all around us and with hands on, are able to pass it on to re-awaken the natural healing process in others by focusing the energy on the areas that it is most needed. Jikiden means "kirectly taught" in Japanese. This system differs from the Western style Reiki in approach, attitude and ideas. Most people notice a significant difference in the feel of the Reiki energy received. Jikiden Reiki's powerful effects are for the improvement of body and mind. It is effective not only in improving physical and psychological health but is also successful in reducing and terminating bad habits. Remote sessions are extremely effect and can be scheduled in advance. Sessions are scheduled for 60-90 minutes and cost $150/hour.

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